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Each year, one out of every four children – or more than 14 million children under the age of 14 – sustains injuries that are serious enough to require medical attention. 

Unintentional injury is the number one killer of children under age 14. 
The greater tragedy? Many of these injuries could be prevented.
The mission of Westchester Safe Kids, led by Blythedale Children’s Hospital, is to raise awareness of childhood safety and injury prevention among children and teens. With continued media reports of devastating preventable injuries, this program is more important than ever.

Westchester Safe Kids/Blythedale brings injury prevention programming, including water, fire and bicycle safety, into classrooms throughout Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties. We have reached about 4,000 K-5students in 2012. Blythedale’s injury prevention consultants and our Safe Kids Coordinator also participating in general community regional health fairs, providing valuable information to families to keep children safe.

Keep your family safe with our injury prevention and safety tips !
There are so many ways for community members to connect with Westchester Safe Kids/Blythedale and prevent childhood injuries. We can help:
  • coordinate child car seat safety events,
  • provide injury prevention and safety information and demonstrations for community activities, such as health fairs or family festivals,
  • develop individualized and developmentally appropriate educational programs to meet children’s safety needs,
  • organize bicycle safety events, or 
  • provide speakers to address all aspects of injury prevention.
Blythedale Children’s Hospital is proud to be the local coalition leader for Safe Kids Worldwide – the country’s oldest nationwide childhood injury prevention campaign. Since 1988, Safe Kids Westchester/Blythedale has waged a community-wide response to reduce the number of preventable childhood injuries in Westchester County.
If you are interested in joining our coalition, having a speaker address your organization or civic group, or just learning more about our program, please contact Lena Cavanna, Blythedale’s Director of Community Relations, at (914) 831-2410 or via email.
For more information about injury prevention, please visit Safe Kids USA at
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